Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus

Honestly, I'm not sure what that little feller's smiling like that for.

Country goodness today.

God bless Dolly Parton. Seems the focus is always on her, erm, considerable assets or her theme park. It's too bad, cuz folks are missing out on a tremendous songwriter and interpreter, and a woman who pushed women's independence in Country music long before it was acceptable.

We've discussed Jerry Reed numerous times before. Here's what we said most recently.

Johnny Horton was a honky tonker who was a forerunner of Rockabilly. You know him best from his rendition of "The Battle of New Orleans". He's doing something funny to Rudolph in the following song.

Faron Young is a legend. We really need to give him a proper full-length post. But for now, we have evidence below that Faron's a bit of a tattle tale.

Santa is a Honky Tonker.

Dolly Parton: Hard Candy Christmas (mp3)

Jerry Reed: Christmas Time's A Coming (mp3)

Johnny Horton: They Shined Up Rudolph's Nose (mp3)

Faron Young: I'm Gonna Tell Santa On You (mp3)

Thanks for spending the Holiday season with us.


Dan said...

Hey Big Rock Candy Mountain,
We just stumbled across your site and are getting caught up with all the Christmas posts.. some pretty good stuff! Anyways we have a Satirical Christmas video for you.. let us know what you think!



Anonymous said...

This is cool too:

Rick Paul said...

A friend mentioned your blog. You might also enjoy my recent 4-original song Christmas release That Time of Year, with "The Day After the Day After Christmas", "Santa's Best", "Molly's Bar and Grill", and "It Started in a Manger". You can listen to the whole thing on Napster and Rhapsody. Happy holidays!