Sunday, December 14, 2008

Barefoot Santa

Great Xmas news! Rev. Frost and the greatest blog in the universe, Spread The Good Word, has returned! It's a brief return (he promises to back in full after the New Year), but it's a Holiday post. Read the whole post, and he'll tell you where to go to download all of his past years' Christmas mixes. In our mind, the good Rev. makes the best mixes ever, and his Holiday mixes put ours to shame. Give yourself a gift this Season and grab 'em. And make sure you leave him a comment telling him to get his ass in gear and return to us soon.

Since most of all y'all stop by here for the Country Music the kids are all into these days, we're gonna gift ya with some totally random, kick ass Xmas honky tonk for your Sunday Holiday barn dance.

Who are today's colorfully wrapped packages? Glad you asked. We've got Del Reeves and his wintry doodle dos, Sonny James is looking for Santa's boots, Bobby Helms waxing nostalgic, and Eddy Arnold in the past, presaging the future. Fantastic stuff, and sure to get Holiday line dancing party off to a rollicking good start.

And don't forget to look below the tunes for more special Holiday Joy, courtesy of a re-post request. This'un's a good'un.

Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle

Del Reeves: Santa's Boy (mp3)

Sonny James: Barefoot Santa Claus (mp3)

Bobby Helms: Christmas Time In My Home Town (mp3)

Eddy Arnold: Will Santa Come To Shanty Town (mp3)

Special Re-Post (By Request!)

A Big Rock Candy Happy Hour Christmas
(Rapidshare file...sorry)

1. Poor Mr. Santa (Andre Williams)
2. Trim Your Tree (Jimmy Butler)
3. Mama's Twistin' With Santa (Mark Anthony)
4. Santa Looked A lot Like Daddy (Buck Owens)
5. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus (George Jones and Tammy Wynette)
6. Yulesville (Ed "Kooky" Byrnes)
7. Sometimes Santa Claus Is Brown (El Vez)
8. Santa Never Comes To The Ghetto (Yellowman)
9. Santa's Coming In a Big Old Truck (Red Simpson)
10. I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree (Loretta Lynn)
11. Merry Christmas Baby (Bellrays)
12. Merry Christmas From The Family (Robert Earl Keen)
13. Senor Santa Claus (Jim Reeves)
14. Santa Claus (Thee Headcoatees)
15. Six Tons of Toys (Dave Dudley)
16. A Real Live Doll (The Trashmen)
17. I Want My Baby For Christmas (Jimmy Liggins)
18. Dig That Crazy Santa Claus (Oscar McLollie)
19. Hard Candy Christmas (Dolly Parton)
20. They Shined Up Rudolph's Nose (Johnny Horton)
21. Christmas Time's A Comin' (Jerry Reed)
22. Holly and Her Mistletoe (Jim Lauderdale)
23. The Rocking Tree (Marguerite Trina)
24. Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney (Ella Fitzgerald)
25. I'm Gonna Tell Santa On You (Faron Young)
26. Santa Claus (Sonny Boy Williamson)
27. Gonna Wrap My Heart In Ribbons (Hank Thompson)

A Big Rock Happy Hour Christmas (Rapidshare link)

Times are tough, and they seem to be getting worse. Please, if you are able, consider supporting any local charities you think are worthwhile this Holiday season. It really is all about the kids, innit?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-posting these awesome mixes once again, I'm the orignal requestor for these re-posts.. Excellent excellent music my friend. Your efforts are truly appreciated, all year round.. Mark...

bigrockcandymountain said...

Hey folks, in case you're here to leave a message that y'all can't download any appears as if the server where i host these tunes is down for the time being. They say they're "working on the problem, and will be back up shortly". Let's hope that's true. If not, we'll try to find some other method of getting these tunes to ya. Thanks for your patience, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Mark P said...

Downloads seem to be working okay now. Thanks for the tip about Rev. Frost's mixes - I'll be sure to check'em out.

Extra special thank you for remembering the immortal Bettie Page. Oh yeah.

Pierre said...

I'm a new reader to the blog and I actually found you through Spread The Good Word!

Good to see the love spreading around and I really appreciate your posts and mixes.

Thanks for everything!

dan said...

Fantastic, and obscure, tunes for Christmas. And, I'm absolutely nuts about your artwork, too! Especially this tart with the perky nips below. If the Gideons wanted more people to read the Bibles in those motel rooms, they'd have them standing upright next to a photo of this babe.

Meschach said...

hat tip to dan for the (intentionally) hilarious irony in that, being that Ms. Page became a very devout evangelical christian in her later years