Monday, December 08, 2008

Santa's Got A Potty Mouth

Oh boy, y'all gonna love today's special Xmas package.

But first, a warning. Generally these mp3's will be available for only a week. I've left those over a week old up for now to give all y'all a chance to grab 'em. But tomorrow morning, any posts over a week old will lose their, ahem, downloadability. But fret not, ye merry gentlemen and women, if you missed anything this year or in previous years, you can always request a re-post! There's a few slots left, so get yr orders in early! Heck, we've got a superb re-post today at this the end of the post that's sure to warm yr Grinch-like little hearts.

Getting grandly greasy today.

First up is one of our favorite musicians, The Legendary Tiger Man, with perhaps the greatest Christmas song ever. Ok, maybe not greatest, but it sure is super swell, and it's got a dirty word in it.

We'll follow that up with The Reining Sound, featuring Eric Cartwright, who was formerly known as Eric Oblivian when he played in a little band you may have heard us mention round these parts, The Oblivians. They've got a nifty little Country-tinged ode to Holiday loneliness to share with us today.

Disgruntled Santa!

The Legendary Tiger Man: Fuck Christmas, I Got The Blues (mp3)

Reigning Sound: If Christmas Can't Bring You Home (mp3)

Re-Post(By Request!):

The Dalhart Imperials: Old Man Spivey's Egg Nog (mp3)

Please support your local, independent bell ringers.


Ernie said...

I think the union bell ringers pushed the independents out of these parts long ago...

Thanks for the shares, by the way. Always some good Christmas music around here.

stubbysfears said...

I've already had a request, and I'm most appreciative, but if I may...

Paul James-- "Crazy Little Kitten For Christmas"
Dexter Gordon-- "Jingle Jangle Jump"

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Big Rock,

Thanks for the re-post of the Dalhart's.

John (from Milw)

bigrockcandymountain said...


look for your requests on Wednesday.

Ernie, thanks for stopping by..your site is a must stop for me.

John, more than happy to oblige for a long-time visitor. Cheers!