Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Christmas

We're veering dangerously close to Christmas. Will we make it? Will we satisfy the world's insatiable lust for Yuletide tunes? Well, we'll give it a shot.

Some visitors 'round these parts are probably sick and tired of all those guldarned Truckin' tunes we post. From the poll at the sidebar, it seems we have some hardcore Britney Spears fans. We'll try to satiate your Spears desire down the line (no, not really), but...we really, really, really like those damnable Truckin' songs.

And so we come to our final round of Christmas Truckin' tunes. Barring any re-post requests from previous years' Big Rig gifts or new discoveries, we'll have shot our Semi Santa load today. (Course we've got plenty more great Yuletide tunes lined up for ya over the next week).

And who better than Red Simpson to make the delivery? From his essential Holiday album "Trucker's Christmas", which everyone should own, Red's making his final run towards home for Christmas, chasing Phantom 309, diesel smoke, and dangerous curves...all the way into the driveway for the Holidays.

Truck Christmas!

Red Simpson: Blue Blue Christmas (For The Truck Drivin' Man) (mp3)

Red Simpson: Dad Will Be Home For Christmas (mp3)

Re-Post (By Request!)

Red Red Meat: There's A Star Above The Manger Tonight (mp3)

Save a Semi, ride a Trucker this Holiday Season.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Thank you very much for the new Red Simpson!

Free Form Radio said...

Is the image from the Eureka, CA Trucker's Parade? I noticed the Humboldt Creamery add on the truck.

Ernie said...

Thanks again for all the shares! I missed a couple days alst week and I'm kickin' myself for it. I promise not to let it happen again.

Merry Christmas to you and the missus!