Monday, December 22, 2008

Hoedown Holly Daze

Santa's going up the Country today. And why not? It's what we do. Everyone knows Ol' Kris Kringle likes to scoot his boots, and Christmas day is a barn dance at the North Pole.

Mountain favorite Johnny Bond figgers maybe old Santa needs a little something for Christmas, too. Brenda Lee takes us on a Cajun Holiday that surely woulda made Hank Williams proud. After hanging in Louisiana, Santa heads over to Texas for a little ditty by Red Sovine. And finally, Mr. Claus heads right back where he belongs, and has a Christmas in the hills, courtesy of Hylo Brown.

Son of a gun, Santa's having some some hillbilly fun!

Johnny Bond: I Wanna Do Something For Santa Claus (mp3)

Brenda Lee: Papa Noel (mp3)

Red Sovine: Santa Is A Texas Cowboy (mp3)

Hylo Brown: Christmas In The Hills (mp3)

Re-Post (By Request):

Freakwater: Scratches On The Door (mp3)

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Mark P said...

Been gone all weekend, visiting the in-laws. Damn if it ain't time for some bourbon and a little Country Christmas! Thanks!

TheMadBlonde said...

Thank you so much! This was just what I needed. Happy Hollydays to you too!

dan said...

Thanks a ton for the Hilo! That Bluegrass sounds SO good!