Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Complaint

Is it Christmas yet? Damn, I'm about ready to rip open all the presents under the tree, Mrs. Mountain's included. Well, it is the season for impatience, innit? Gimme Gimme!

Naw, I kid. But we've got some folks in today's post who'd like to express some opinions about the Holidays and what the hell is and isn't under their tree. Or in their beds. If'n you know what I mean.

So it's a Blues Christmas at the Mountain today, and it's about time. We've got The Black Ace, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Bumble Bee Slim with a litany of wants and desires for the Holidays. Seems as if Santa was a little selective with his visits. Luckily, we've got Lead Belly to spread a little a little cheer. No, really.

Santa's Got A Sack O'Woe!

The Black Ace: Christmastime (Beggin' Santa Claus) (mp3)

Jimmy Witherspoon: How I Hate To See Xmas Come Around (Christmas Blues) (mp3)

Bumble Bee Slim: Christmas and No Santa Claus (mp3)

Lead Belly: On A Christmas Day (mp3)

Special Re-Post (By Request!)

A Big Rock Juke'n'Jive Xmas
(Rapidshare link follows track listing)

1.Christmas In The Congo (The Marquees)
2.Xmas Twist (Twistin' Kings)
3.Santa Claus (The Sonics)
4.Christmas Tree's On Fire (Holly Golightly)
5.Rockabilly Santa Claus (Wanda Jackson)
6.Christmas Boogie (The Barnstompers)
7.Bring That Cadillac Back (The Doc Bagby Orchestra)
8.Here Comes The Fattest Man In Town (Bob Chester)
9.Santa and My Semi (Dale Watson)
10.The Christmas Cannonball (Hank Thompson)
11.Cowboy Santa Claus (Prairie Ramblers)
12.On A Christmas Day (C.W. Stoneking)
13.Santa's Secret (Johnny Guarnieri)
14.Christmas In Jail (Leroy Carr)
15.Christmas Lights (Wild Billy Childish)
16.Blue Grey Christmas (King Coleman)
17.Hey Santa Claus (The Moonglows)
18.God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (Rev. Frost)
19.Will Hell Be Your Santa (Rev. J.M. Gates)
20.Santa Claus Boogie (Hasil Adkins)
21.Christmas Boogie (The Davis Sisters)
22.Christmas By The Bar B Que (Lynn August)
23.Christmas In The Mountains (Faron Young)
24.Gone Home For Christmas (Red Simpson)
25.Santa To The Moon (Sonny Cole)
26.Jingle Jangle Jump (Dexter Gordon)
27.Christmas Rush (Dead Moon)
28.Let Me Hang Your Stockings In Your Christmas Tree (Roosevelt Sykes)
29.Santa's Messin' With The Kid (Eddie C. Campbell)
30.Zydeco Christmas (C.J. Chenier)
31.What Will Santa Say (When He Finds Everybody Swinging) (Louis Prima)
32.Christmas Time Blues (Roy Milton and His Solid Senders)
33.If We Make It Through December (Merle Haggard)

A Big Rock Juke'n'Jive Xmas (Rapidshare link)

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stubbysfears said...

Great stuff, as always! This blog is an authentic American treasure.

Mark P said...

Sack o'woe indeed! - you continue to outdo yourself.


Kevin said...

Reaally enjoy your posts- Thanks!
These go great on my Xmas mix I do every year- everyone is always surprised to hear such variety-

BTW, seems there is a skip in the Lead Belly track around the 1:36 mark-
not sure if it's your rip or not, anyway it's not too distracting... just thought you might want to know

Thanks again!

Trevira said...

We played your Big Rock Juke'n'Jive Xmas mix over the holiday, and absolutely loved every minute of it! Big thanks and Happy New Year!