Monday, December 01, 2008

Flat Duo Xmas

More joy for yr stockings!

But wait, there's more: As we've noted before, this our fifth year of this insanity, and we've consciously attempted to not repeat any tunes from previous Holidays postings. Well, we got to thinking...There's some pretty swell songs we've posted in the past, and folks who haven't been with us the whole time might not have had the chance to hear some of those nifty tunes, outside of the mixes we presented last year.
So in the spirit of the season, we want to give you the chance to hear some of those festive tracks. Each day we're gonna toss in a bonus "repost" of a requested Holiday tune we've posted in days gone by. And that's the key word: requested. Your job, faithful readers, is to let us know what songs you'd like. It's as easy as scrolling through our old posts (November and December) and asking for it, preferably in the comments area. We aim to please.

Now, weren't you here for some Yuletide goodness? Thought so.

We love us some rock'n'billy'n'country'n'trash Flat Duo Jets, featuring the mighty guitar-slingin', backwoods croonin' Dexter Romweber. The band has two nifty Xmas 7"'s wandering around out there in snowglobe land. One's on Norton, which we'll get to later on. But today, we want to feature their Dexmas 7". Two fantastic slices of junkyard holiday joy. Especially...for you.

Rockin' the big red bag!

Flat Duo Jets: It's Christmas Time (Yeah We're Gonna Rock) (mp3)

Flat Duo Jets: Christmas Time, 4 am New Orleans (mp3)

Please seriously consider dropping some coin into those ubiquitous red buckets this year. Times are tough, but if you can afford internet connection, maybe you've got an extra dollar to help someone out this year. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the these tunes, great stuff, can't wait to hear the other one.
request for repost, think you had a wanda jackson xmas tune up once, would love to hear that one.
keep up the great posts.
cheers, torch1971

bigrockcandymountain said...

Tune in Tuesday, and you'll get your Wanda Jackson fix!

stubbysfears said...

Don't know if you've posted it before, but I miss Jerry Reed. Surely, you've posted "Christmas Time's A-Coming" before (and can again?)?

Adam said...

I make an annual 2CD Christmas mix and this'll be my seventh year now... needless to say, your site has been a wonderful resource.

My request for a repost: "Put The Loot In the Boot Santa" by Mae West. I can't find that thing anywhere!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Hey folks, thanks for the requests. Wanda will be on Tuesday, Jerry Reed will be on Wednesday, and Mae West we'll get up on Thursday!

Mark P said...

Carolina native son Dexter does good!

I missed most everything prior to 2007, so I'd love to hear any that (but especially the trucker tunes and drinking songs).

bigrockcandymountain said...

Mark P,

We'll get you some good truckin' Christmas on Friday!