Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plump Righteous Santa

Got your shopping done? This economy bringing you down? We here at the Mountain have found that a nice homemade gift is the perfect Christmas idea. Try some macrame or origami to give to the kids this year. Or knit a festive and colorful Holiday sweater, sure to get ooohs of surprise and joy on Christmas morn.


While every post here at the Mountain is special, y'all should really plan to mark your calendars for tomorrow's post, when we have an extra special re-post request honored.

But today's hip'n'happy Holiday stars are pretty gosh darned good too. And our bonus re-posts at the bottom are essential for your Xmas listening pleasure.

Norton Records has put out some super duper Xmas singles over the years, featuring such superstars as Hasil Adkins, Andre Williams, The Kaisers, Flat Duo Jets, and many others. We highly recommend checking them out. The best thing about a 45 is that it's cheap, and it's fast. You gotta bring your A-game when releasing a 7", cuz you've got no time for mucking around. And Norton's Holiday offerings are no exception.

Today, we wanna feature a super duper Holiday split 7" from Norton. Side A brings us the Black Lips and a little bit of soldier's Yuletide joy. The B side gives us a nifty little Holiday jaunt from the suddenly and surprisingly red-hot King Khan and BBQ Show.

We don't normally issue those common blogger demands (and ass-coverings) that you run out and buy everything we post here. We figger you and your wallet can make up your own minds. But, in this case, we'd like to recommend, if you like these tracks, maybe giving Norton a looksie, and if you've got the bread, maybe try out some of their records. Help a great Indie label out. Besides, singles make great stocking stuffers.

Ride on, Santa Claus, ride on!

Black Lips: Christmas In Baghdad (mp3)

King Khan and BBQ Show: Plump Righteous (mp3)

Re-Posts (By Request!)

Jim Lauderdale: Holly and Her Mistletoe (mp3)

Paul James: Crazy Little Kitten For Christmas (mp3)

Dexter Gordon: Jingle Jangle Jump (mp3)

Have you hugged your reindeer today?


stubbysfears said...

As the Godfather of Soul once said, "Santa Claus is definitely here to stay" and I believe you are he.


banana said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

ch51 said...

Thanks for the repost ... and everything else too!