Wednesday, December 28, 2011

But it Makes Me Feel Better Each Time it Begins

Keeping the groove rollin' with Day Three of Big Rock Candy Mountain's Favorite Records of 2011!  Ruling the world one record at a time!

When possible, tunes are taken from vinyl (or, the download card from the vinyl...yay download cards!).  Most of these records are from small, independent labels that Rolling "corporate" Stone wouldn't touch if their ad dollars depended on it.  Have you seen the latest "best of" lists???  Egad...we don't pretend to have the greatest, most outre taste, but good gravy!  Alas...hopefully we're providing you with a modicum of "alternative" (whatever that is).  Hell, maybe this list sucks, but we stand by every damn record on it.  Do you really care about the latest Beyonce record?

Ok, then, here's a couple of "Best Ofs" before we kick out #'s 30-21!

Book of the Year:  The Devil All The Time by Donald Ray Pollock (Takes Breece Pankake's exploration of Appalachian life and transforms it into a noirish, muddirty drenched exploration of the evil men are capable of, and the transformative good they can do.)

Radio Station of the Year:  WMSE (One of the last true independent radio stations, and more diverse than...gasp...WFMU.  Yeah, I said it (though we love, love, love hard feelings, guys).  True "public" radio run by folks who actually like music, and aren't afraid to step outside of whatever boundaries one could set.)

Coming up, then, Re-Issue of the Year and Band of the Year!

Without further postulating...

The Big Rock Candy Favorite Records of 2011 (Part 3)

30. King Louie's Missing Monuments: Painted White

Fizzed out helium balloon garage pop, bizarre and fingered round the rosy!

King Louie's Missing Monuments: The Girl of the Nite (mp3)

29. The Through and Through Gospel Review: Self Titled

Great god almighty in lo-fi survey of the history of gospel, fragile and stompin', jesus approves! The new find of the year!

The Through and Through Gospel Review: I'm Not Dead, I'm Alive (mp3)

28. Mighty Fine: Get Up to Get Down 

Greasy soul in fat bottom punkass boogie, party'n'purge, lay yr leather down and shake the groove like the armageddon!

Mighty Fine: Something For Your Ass (mp3)

27. The Hussy: Cement Tomb Mind Control 

Noise-nik  male/female shout speed guitar freak-out spazz joy!

The Hussy: Sexi Ladi (mp3)

26. Hayes Carll: KMAG YOYO (And Other American Stories)

Last great troubadour, down Texas way, the hoedown and turn of phrase like Hank and Townes did, wry-smiling and bottle sad!

Hayes Carll: Hard Out Here (mp3)

25. Willem Maker: Agapao 

Eternal Mountain fave, burning the desert down, slide the geetar and gruff blues moan, the sound of open canyon never and echoed always, believe and fall again!

Willem Maker: Yeah (mp3)

Willem Maker: Gulf of Mexico (mp3)

24. The Paperhead: The Paperhead 

Pastoral Psych, like old motorways in the rain, wipers half functional, pulling over and smelling fresh Spring, the dripping like home you want to be.

The Paperhead: Back to Those Days (mp3)

23. The Happy Thoughts: The Happy Thoughts 

 Punk-ass muthafuckas playing record revolution sex and desperation,  teenage rebellion and wanna just get some!

The Happy Thoughts: Sweet Dirty Love (mp3)

22. David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights: Left By Soft 

The lord god of all New Zealand, leader of the greatest band ever, The Clean, Kilgour  furthers the autumnal falling leaf strum, eyes upturned in revelation and swirl the air, the slightest grasp, the drone of all life.

David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights: A Break in the Weather (mp3)

21. Delaney Davidson: Bad Luck Man

Devil may care, and surely he does,  sleaze rawk the purgatory, and round the sound, the temptation of voodoo rhythm and beat noir boozey backroads shotgun shacks, with faith healers and snake charmers galore!

Delaney Davidson: I've Got the Devil Inside (mp3)

Delaney Davidson: River of Misery (mp3)

Support Independence.  Fuck the corporate stranglehold on yr dollar!


schoppenaas said...

Great stuff so far, lots of exploring and excavating to do! But hey what's "fingered round the rosie?" Is it what I hope it is?

Nick Wall said...

More please !!