Thursday, December 08, 2011

Snow Girl

Awright!  Keepin' the blades on our sled sharp!  Remember, we're the cure for all that's oh so very  bad about Xmas music.  Joy! Joy!

It's all about the love today.

Ron Winter start things off this fine wintry morning with "Snow Girl", a stomping Bo Diddley meets Surf City ditty.  Nifty!  Old-timey rockabilly takes the stage next with Harry Lee's "Rockin' on a Reindeer".  Hoedown!  And we'll wrap these swell gifts up with The Uniques and a soulful little doowop-y number, "Merry Christmas Darling".  A surprisingly sweet tune (at least coming from us), but what can we say?  We can't always be cynical little bastards, can we?

Santa Claus loves the ladies!

Ron Winter: Snow Girl (mp3)

Harry Lee: Rockin' on a Reindeer (mp3)

Uniques: Merry Christmas Darling (mp3)

Thanks, as ever, for visitin'.  Support yr local, independent stores this Holiday season.  Please.


Anonymous said...

As always, many thanks for the tunes. About "Snow Girl": you credit this to the Patriots, but I think it was actually credited on the Dimension 45 (1022) to Ron Winters alone. (The Patriots was, if I'm not mistaken, his co-credited backing band for several other singles of the era.)

bigrockcandymountain said...

Hey man, thanks for the correction, and the info. What's weird is, going through my archives, I have the exact same tune credited correctly as Ron Winter! I tend to put these things up fast (unlike my glacial pace the rest of the year), and I get sent a lot of tunes by helpful folks, so my research suffers. So, thanks again for keeping me honest. Cheers!

Keith said...

These posts are amazing.
Great stuff! Thank you!