Friday, December 30, 2011

The Old Year Is Gone

Special New Year's Post today!

Hey folks, sorry we missed yesterday with Part 4 of our Top 50 Favorite Records of 2011.  Had some computer problems (not sure if it's fixed or not, but we're live at the moment).  The final 20 will post next Monday and Tuesday (the good lord or lady of home computing willing).   Today, though, we wanna spread some New Year's cheer!

Hope everyone has a good New Year's Eve and Day.  Not big on resolutions and whatnot, but maybe we'll try to be better posting this coming year.  And maybe we'll strive to be a little nicer to our fellow folks.  Never hurts to try, anyhow.  

Here's some rockin' and rollin' tunes to help get yr New Year's Eve party swingin', baby!

The mighty Quintron kicks off the night, with his own insane organ-drenched, rollerskating party version of a "New Year's Night"!    Keep the night going with a beatnik bop New Year's groove of "Bear Rug" courtesy of Tony Rodelle LarsonRoy Milton and his Solid Serenaders keep us boppin' and boozin' along with their own "New Year's Resolutions"Roy Tan and Combo get downright "bubbly" with a not so subtle suggestion on how to get, ahem, "bubbly" on the big night..."let's fill our glasses with "sunshine..." indeed!  And New Year's Eve wouldn't be complete without at least one bit of sobriety, courtesy of Johnny Paycheck and his end of the night coat check. 

Once again, our Best Of 2011List concludes next week. 

For now, enjoy the big night of the year.  We'll raise a glass to you all!

Quintron: New Year's Night (mp3)

Tony Rodelle Larson: Bear Rug (mp3)

Roy Milton Solid Serenaders:  New Year's Resolution (mp3)

Roy Tan and Combo: Happy New Year (mp3)

Johnny Paycheck: The Old Year Is Gone (mp3)

Be safe!

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Dat ol' Varmint said...

Happy New Year my friend, mighty fine bunch o' year end tracks yer sharin' out fer us all. Surprised the New Years track off the latest Waits release didn't find its way off the mountain.. Cheers!!!