Saturday, December 03, 2011

Candy Cane Madness

Hey now!  Back for more wacky, wintry treats!  Aw yeah!

We've got some links to the right for more keen Holiday sites.  Check 'em all out, and if you run a site, or have a fave rave that we don't have listed, let us know. 

On with the show.

We've always been a big Mark Lanegan fan, even back in his Screaming Trees days, when the band was unfortunately lumped into the grunge ghetto.  After leaving the band, Lanegan has carved out a killer career as a burnt desert, midnight rambling, whiskey growled performer.  Pairing him with Isobel Campbell of Belle and Sebastian should not have worked, but it most certainly did.  A brilliant collaboration, sweet and sour, dark and light, angels and demon.  On the following track, "Time of the Season", Lanegan and Campbell nail one of the most bittersweet Holiday tunes you'll ever hear.  Country-stringed, down'n'out, with hope sitting just a bar stool away,  Lanegan and Campbell trading and sharing vocals, beauty and sadness under blinking Christmas lights.  Maybe our favorite song this Holiday season.

Following that, things ramp up with the mighty Davie Allen and the Arrows, and a Nuggets-style garage romper, "Santa on the Run"

And finally, Lowell George and the Factory.  Bit of a misnomer there, as this being George's pre-Little Feat band, he's more of a member than the guiding spirit.  Regardless, "Candy Cane Madness" is a swirling psych garage slice of acid-washed overdose.  Yummy!

Santa's a little trippy!

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan:  Time of the Season (mp3)

Davie Allen and the Arrows: Santa On the Run (mp3)

Lowell George and The Factory: Candy Cane Madness (mp3)

Don't forget our animal friends this season, as the weather gets colder.  Maybe throw a few bucks to the ASCPA or your shelter of choice.  

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Ernie said...

Every time I think of a track that would fit in over here, I check and you've shared it years ago. Thanks for digging up all this great music!