Sunday, December 04, 2011

Santa's Personality Crisis

More wintry Yule logs for y'all today.

Call and response, sorta, with Ron Holden and the Thunderbirds serving up a greasy, sleazey sax R'n'B raver in "Who Sez There Aint No Santa Claus".  Well, punk legends The Damned seem to think there aint one, or at least they  think "There Aint No Sanity Clause" (nice reference to The Marx Brothers).

Then we reach way back in the day, with Blues legend Blind Blake, and a tune for the broken-hearted. 

Santa Has A Personality Crisis

Ron Holden and the Thunderbirds: Who Sez There Aint No Santa Claus (mp3)

The Damned: There Aint No Sanity Claus (mp3)

Blind Blake: Lonesome Christmas Blues (mp3)

Thanks for stoppin' by.

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