Saturday, December 10, 2011

Daddy Rockin' Santa

How's yr tree comin' along?  Stuffed yr stocking yet? 

We had a correction on our last post, and we'd like to thank the person who pointed out our mis-credit.  We'd also like to thank all the kind folks who have sent Xmas tunes and/or suggestions our way.  Y'all have been generous to us, and we'd like to return the favor.

Mixed (Santa's) bag today.  A little more soulful doo-wop inspired Xmas R'n'B from the SherwoodsThe Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers bring us some some ragtime, jug-bandy, holly roller gospel blues for the season.  And the Queen of All Country, Loretta Lynn, does sad Christmas exactly the way it should be done,  sad but not schmaltzy (there's a reason we worship her).

Santa's got a crazy bag!

Sherwoods: Happy Holiday (mp3)

Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers: Christ Was Born on Christmas Morn (mp3)

Loretta Lynn: Christmas Without Daddy (mp3)

Thanks for stoppin' by.  Have a great Holiday season.  Be good to yourselves, and others as well!


Guuzbourg said...

Love love love your Christmas posts! Keep it up!

zyderock said...

I apologize for my rudeness at enjoying your inimitable and tasty gobs o' goodies for awhile now without ever saying THANK YOU. Please do continue,