Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reindeer Hoofers

Shopping is done!  How's yours going?

Get on yr dancin' elf shoes today, cuz we got a Yuletide party goin' on!

Mosh along to Yo La Tengo's raved up version of Jan Terri's "Rock'n'Roll Santa"!  Git down 'n' groovy with J. Hines and the Boys' insanely catchy and deep thumpin' "A Funky Christmas to You"! And swing, swing, swing the festive night away with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra's "Christmas Night in Harlem"  (which features Johnny Mercer and Jack Teagarden)! 

Santa's got a party goin' on!

Yo La Tengo: Rock'n'Roll Santa (mp3)

J. Hines and the Boys: A Funky Christmas to You (mp3)

Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra: Christmas Night in Harlem (mp3)

As ever, please give what you can this Holiday season, and year round.  Times are tough, and money's tight for all of us, but sometimes even a dollar can help get someone a hot meal.  Thanks for stoppin' by.

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Ernie said...

Shopping? I don't have time to do any shopping!