Friday, December 23, 2011

Hurray For Santa Claus

One more day 'til December 25th, when we celebrate the glorious birth of our savior, Shane MacGowan!  Oh, and something else about that day causes folks to get all a'tremble with Seasonal joy, as well.  

Tomorrow, Xmas eve, we've got a special post.

After that, of course, begins our equally insane Best Records of 2011 list!  So stop on by for that, as well. So far, we've got about 60 records in out Top 50, so that should be entertaining for y'all.

Bur you're not here to hear us blather on...On with the Holiday tunes, and our Fox-approved War On Christmas!

Let's make this brief...Massive funk workout, and one of our favorite songs from this Season, from the Harvey Averne Band!  Garage punk joy from The Fleshtones!  Hillbilly Holidays, and a version of one of our favorite Xmas songs ever, from The Ranch Girls and the Hillbilly Boogiemen!  A short and woozy warm Yuletide blanket from Betty and the Cavaleros! Joyous pure pop egg nog from the very mighty Saint Etienne!  Deep rooted honky tonk makes peace with the hippies, in the spirit of Christmas, thanks to Don Sneed!  Grouchy Fall-followers, The Wedding Present, find some Holiday spirit, courtesy of a nifty cover!  Groovin' soul Santa from The Voices!  And, finally, organ-drenched doo wop culmination of what we've been working toward, thanks to The Rhythm Kings

Santa's Got A Mixed Bag of Gifts!

The Harvey Averne Band: Let's Get It Together This Christmas (mp3)

Fleshtones: Hurray For Santa Claus (mp3)

 Ranch Girls and the Hillbilly Boogiemen: Christmas Time's a Comin'  (mp3)

Betty and the Cavaleros: Hey! I'm Your Gift Today (mp3)

Saint Etienne: 21st Century Christmas (mp3)

Don Sneed And Co.: Santa's a Hippie (mp3)

The Wedding Present: Step Into Christmas (mp3)

 Voices: Santa Claus Boogie (mp3)

The Rhythm Kings: Christmas Is Coming At Last (mp3)

Thanks as ever.  Be good to each other. 


Adrian said...

Consistently amazing, thanks for these astounding tunes!

Reverend Frost said...

Hey brother B, Merry Xmas to you and thanks a freakin' bunch for the mixes and tunes, I never comment as a true lazy bastard, but I'm here watching, hearing & listening.

Family Man said...

Wow! What can I say? Excellent stuff. Thanks again. Have a Merry Christmas!

HoboHiatus said...

Great read, Merry Christmas!

Mike in SoFla said...

Hey Man,
You gifted a lot of great Christmas tunes. Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort. I wish I had been more considerate along the way, posting comments and such throughout the season. Forgive me for my lack of etiquette (fairly new to the blog world). I'll surely follow this blog throughout the year, and I promise to comment more often. Happy New Year, friend!

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