Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa On The Interstate

Sanity clause is checked off, reindeer are fed, nasty little elves are working day and night.  It's time for another Xmas post!

We'd like to send a special shout out to Mark W. ("dat ol' varmint") for all his help these past couple of years, with killer Holiday mixes galore.  Some of what you get in these posts are courtesy of Mark, so thanks, man!

No iPad under the tree today, but we got some other brightly packaged treats.  First, greasy hep cat rhythm'n'booze stomper, "Rockin' Santa Claus" from The Martels.  The mighty Loudon Wainwright III weighs in next, with a deceptive little number, "Christmas Morning".  Just when you think he's dropped his notorious wry sarcasm, he sneaks right back up on ya.  5 Chinese Brothers follows, with "Christmas on Interstate 80", an accordion-led Country Xmas road trip, featuring waitresses, greyhounds, hope and despair.  Perfect.

And winding us up is Mountain fave, Hank Thompson.  We've posted numerous Xmas tunes by ol Hank, but we don't think we've done "Little Christmas Angel" yet.  It's a little slight and drippy, but it's Hank Thompson, so that's all right.

 Santa rides the Greyhound!

The Martels: Rockin' Santa Claus (mp3)

Loudon Wainright III: Christmas Morning (mp3)

5 Chinese Brothers: Christmas on Interstate 80 (mp3)

Hank Thompson: Little Christmas Angel (mp3)

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Dat ol' Varmint said...

Thanks for the kind words, and incredible Christmas postings. (as always) Here's wishing you and yours the very best holiday season ever on the "Big Rock Candy Mountain"...