Friday, December 02, 2011

Party This Christmas

Well, hell, here's Day 2 of our regularly scheduled Holiday kookiness!  Remember, Xmas kiddies...we're doin' this daily, so keep yr computers on stun.  

Who loves you best?

Oh, and we've got a few artists we need to cover over the next month before the big, big, world famous Big Rock Candy Mountain Best of the Year List (coming soon!), so you might get some double posts coming up.  Good Gravy!  Who says we aint generous?

So what do we got today?   Let's review...

King Salami kicks us off with a with a greasy-fried trash-garage take on a classic. Rockin' Sidney follows it up with some spiked-Yule boozy zydeco goodness.  And let's round it off with more corn likker, alt-country (whatever that is)  festiveness from Buzz Zeemer

Man, can you beat this Holiday goodness????  Well, yes you can...cuz we've got more stocking stuffers comin' yr way over the next few weeks...who could ask for anything more?

Santa's a drunken polka dot!

King Salami and the Cumberland 3: Black Santa (mp3)

Rockin' Sidney: Party This Christmas (mp3)

Buzz Zeemer: Psychedelic Santa Santa (mp3)

Give what you can. Support what independent businesses you can.  Help those less fortunate than you are. 

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