Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amateur Night

Happy New Year's Eve, folks.

In a wacky set of circumstances, our final Top Ten Albums of the Year list got eaten by my computer. No really. Hilarious, I know. So look for the Top 10 this Monday. Sorry, I knew how much y'all were looking forward to it...

For now, here's a couple of ditties to help ring in the New Year.

Have a good Holiday.

Roy Milton and His Solid Serenaders: New Year's Resolution Blues (mp3)

Johnny Otis: Happy New Year Baby (mp3)

Charles Brown: Bringing In A Brand New Year (mp3)

Please support your local, independent Distillery this festive eve.


Chris said...

Woe. The suspense, it builds!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Big Rock, Have a hip and groovy New Year!! Yup, looking forward to the top 10 as well. That much more vinyl t' buy.. Mark W CT US of A...

schoppenaas said...

Happy New Year, looking forward to the final 10!