Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Deep In My Heart Is A Song...

Welcome back.

Today we're proud to present Part 2 of our Top Records of 2009. Please refer to yesterday's post for the full info on how this is all gonna go down.

Some bonus stuff, first.

Band Of The Year: The Black Diamond Heavies (constant touring, including two revelatory sets that we got to see, a brand new Live Album, and older records that never left our playlist). We wrote about 'em here.

Music Festival of the Year: The Deep Blues Festival (Duh. But it's actually our Festival Of The Decade. Yeah, it was that good.)

Book Of The Year: Blood's A Rover by James Ellroy

We'll have some more of these little random Best Of's over the next couple of days.

But, now, what y'all are bated breathing for...Part 2 (of 4) of our Best Records Of The Year.

The BRCM Top Albums Of 2009, Part 2


NoBunny: Raw Romance cassette

Man-child filth monger with bubblegum in his soul.

Nobunny: Masks On (mp3)


Outer Spacist: Mind Is As Outer Space 7"

Sun Ra on punk planet, gritty afterburn like stars on fire.

Outer Spacist: I Talk With Telepathy Baby (mp3)


Dan Melchior: Thank You Very Much

Dan Melchior Und Das Menace: Dim Are The Lights 7"

Ex-Medway (and friend of Billy and Holly), bedsit sonic folkblues fuckery, hiss and fuzz loud, situational.

Dan Melchior: My Fiery Moon (mp3)


The Chatham Singers: Juju Claudius

Billy Childish (again) and friends, making with hoo doo barn dance and hay ride.

The Chatham Singers: Angel Of Death (mp3)

The Chatham Singers: The Good Times (mp3)


Califone: All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

Swirled, loping Americana kitchen sink, echoes and mantra collided, sadly beautiful between the stations on AM.

Califone: Funeral Singers (mp3)


Yo La Tengo: Popular Songs

Condo Fucks: Fuckbook

Flip a coin and get two sides, one Autumnal reverie, the other a thrashed and fuzzed out ode to rawk, equally tasty.

Yo La Tengo: I'm On My Way (mp3)

Condo Fucks: So Easy Baby (mp3)


Wheels On Fire: Get Famous!

Fried and blasted Replacements/Faces barstool rock'n'soul, baby.

Wheels On Fire: Can't Get A Line (mp3)


Scott H. Biram: Something's Wrong/Lost Forever

A semi-truck full of woe and gut-bucket Country'n'Blues trash, boozed and bled through the deepest veins of coal and grime.

Scott H. Biram: Still Drunk, Still Crazy, And Still Blue (mp3)


Eat Skull: Wild And Inside

Pop-bomb wrecked and speakers shiny with burst-guitar and vocal chicken in the road splatter-shot godhead, sprawled.

Eat Skull: Heaven's Stranger (mp3)


Amen Dunes: DIA

A delicate ice-island, man in pscyh-transformer, bowed and wandering wonder, fields of sandy Mars disassembled with gulped gulfs.

Amen Dunes: Two Thousand Islands (mp3)


Chain And The Gang: Down With Liberty

Protest as K-Records funk'n'groove vox spar, gettin' jiggy in sexual commie congress, mining the seam of sleaze and social satyrs for vox populii.

Chain And The Gang: Unpronounceable Name (mp3)


Kurt Vile: Childish Prodigy

Strummed and freaky in the urban wilderness, concrete stumble and cracks in the sidewalk where weeds grow in technicolor rainy day rainbows.

Kurt Vile: Freak Train (mp3)


Black Diamond Heavies: Alive As Fuck

Live and dirty, satan fucking a groove to the end of times, preacher hollerin' locusts and hell fire, a wail and riff into the broiling night.

The Black Diamond Heavies: Take A Ride (mp3)

Part 3 tomorrow. It just gets better...


schoppenaas said...

so far so fuckin' great bro!

bigrockcandymountain said...

Hey, thanks. Hope y'all agree it gets even better over the next couple of days.