Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Soul Santa

Got-damn, we're rolling along with our Holiday fest! And no sign of slowing down, cuz we've got a whole sack full o'treats in store for y'all, right up until Shane MacGowan's birthday (Christmas, for you non-heathens).

Just a quick note: Songs are "up" for a limited time only (about 10 days each), so grab 'em quick before the Grinch of Bandwith takes 'em away. You can request a re-post, but we can't make any guarantees.

Today we're feeling a little soulful, and we figger even Santa's got a little funk in him.

How about some legends, then? Solomon Burke, Nathaniel Mayer and Brook Benton kick out the groove to give a deep down sleigh ride full of soul, baby, soul.

And for our bonus re-posts, we wanna re-gift you with the Black Godfather himself, Mr. Andre Williams. Y'all already know that Andre's a bad, bad man. On "Poor Mr. Santa" he gets downright filthy. Not safe for work or the kiddies, dontcha know! "Christmas Wish" is just downright funky, with Andre frontin' a Holiday female chorus.

Santa's Shakin'!

Solomon Burke: Presents For Christmas (mp3)

Nathaniel Mayer: Mr. Santa Claus (mp3)

Brook Benton: Soul Santa (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

Andre Williams: Poor Mr. Santa (Andre Williams Is Naughty) (mp3)

Andrew Williams: Christmas Wish (mp3)

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