Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa's Semi Six Pack To Go

Less than two weeks to go 'til Xmas. What presents do we have in store for y'all between now and then? Stay tuned.

Today, a couple of tunes from white trash cowboys, The Saddle Tramps, which feature two of our favorite activities. One's a truckin' song, and the other is a dysfunctional family Holiday drinkin' tune. That just about sums this little ole site pretty well, doesn't it?

Bonus Re-posts today continue our survey of some of our favorite Xmas drinking songs from years past. The Dalhart Imperials, The Hot Rods, The Iguanas, and Paul Sanchez bring Santa's whiskey and chaser this time around.

Santa's Got 18 Wheels and a Six Pack

The Saddle Tramps: Christmas Behind The Wheel (mp3)

The Saddle Tramps: For Christ's Sake It's Christmas (mp3)

Bonus Boozy Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts Part 3

Dalhart Imperials: Old Man Spivey's Egg Nogg (mp3)

The Hot Rods: Santa's Too Drunk To Drive (mp3)

Paul Sanchez: Drunk This Christmas (mp3)

The Iguanas: Reindeer'n'Whiskey (mp3)

Please consider dropping some change into those red buckets with the bell ringer this Christmas season.

1 comment:

Dainon. said...

I sure am loving everything you're posting this year (as I did last year, and maybe even the year before that). Keep it up, eh?

I happy to be drinking right now. Too early? Hope not.