Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa On The Moon

We're running at breakneck pace towards Shane MacGowan's birthday (or, Christmas, as the case may be.). We're not exactly a religious person, so why are we doing all this? Because we love you, that's why. And what's Christmas without a little love?

So, what the hell are we gifting all y'all with today? A little Doo-Wop and R'n'B, that's what.

The mighty Marvin and Johnny are up first. Pre-rock R'n'B legends Amos Milburn and Hank Ballard round out the low-down festivities today.

For our Bonus Re-Posts we're heading off into outer space for a little rocket-fuel Santa courtesy of The Bellrays and Sonny Cole.

Santa Is A Jukebox Junkie!

Marvin and Johnny: It's Christmas (mp3)

Amos Milburn: Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby (mp3)

Hank Ballard and the Midniters: Santa Claus Is Coming (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

The Bellrays: Rocket Ship Santa (mp3)

Sonny Cole: Santa To The Moon (mp3)

Fa la la la la...You know the drill.

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Mark said...

These RnB posts are the most!