Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Santa's Swingin' Balls

Hairy Krishna, folks!

Is it too early, or too obvious, for a Kay Martin post? Nah, there's never a good reason not to post Kay Martin during the Holidays.

For those who haven't stumbled across her elsewhere, Kay Martin (with her Body Guards!) is a bit of a naughty kitten, but methinks her stocking is rarely filled with coal.

Best known, amongst her many "party" records, is the immortal "I Know What He Wants For Christmas...But I Don't Know How To Wrap It" from 1962. It's a swingin', sleazy little affair, straight outta the "adult" night clubs of the era. Plenty of greasy organ, drums, and stripper horns, all in service to Martin's throaty, suggestive come-ons. If you own only one Christmas record, this is probably the one you most need (a google search will quickly net you the full monty).

Two of the following tracks were actually taken from her record "At Las Vegas" (appropriately enough), and one of those tunes ("The Night Before Xmas Binge") doesn't feature Martin, but instead features one her band members in a rather silly but fun little number about too much booze on Christmas Eve. We've all been there.

For our bonus re-posts, we've got two of the most infamous Kay Martin tunes from the "I Know What He Wants For Christmas..." record, which we had already posted all the way back in 2005. But it seemed appropriate to offer 'em up again. They're super snazzy and Yule-tastic!

Santa Hangs His Balls In Your Xmas Tree!

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: I Know What You Want For Xmas (mp3)

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: My Santa Daddy (mp3)

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: The Night Before Xmas Binge (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: Come On Santa Let's Have A Ball (mp3)

Kay Martin and Her Body Guards: Santa's Doing The Horizontal Twist (mp3)

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Chris said...

As usual, another wonderful holiday season of music! Thank you.