Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yippee Ki Yay Santa

Holy Night! You thought things couldn't get better round these Egg-Nogged blasted nether regions of the Holiday internets. Well, it just ramped up, and the gifts just keep on a givin'! Today's re-post alone will be set your Holiday lights a-spinnin'! Oh, yes.

But let's kick things off with what most of y'all are here for, the Honky Tonk decoration that makes your aluminum tree just right.

Little Jimmy Dickens starts the holly jollies with one our fave rave Xmas tunes 'bout a little shaver on Christmas morn', "Barefooted Little Cowboy". Follow that up with a bluegrass/rockabilly raver from Benny Martin, a two-stepper from Charlie Stewart, and a weeper from Lulu Belle and Scotty, and you've got fiddlin' little party set for the decorating the Christmas tree.

Oh, but then it gets better. Our re-posts today come courtesy of a Semi-crazy Santa. Yup, we're re-gifting some classic Christmas truckin' tune. Red Simpson. Dave Dudley. Dale Watson. Is there anything more to be said? Santa's a mean mother trucker, and he's got 18 wheels to prove it.

Santa's Fiddlin' With Himself!

Little Jimmy Dickens: Barefooted Little Cowboy (mp3)

Benny Martin: Santa Claus Is From The South (mp3)

Charlie Stewart: Santa Claus Won't Come This Year (mp3)

Lulu Belle and Scotty: The Empty Xmas Stocking (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

Red Simpson: Truckin' Trees For Christmas (mp3)

Red Simpson: Santa's Comin' In A Big Ol' Truck (mp3)

Dave Dudley: Six Tons Of Toys (mp3)

Dale Watson: Santa And My Semi (mp3)

Please support your local Truck Drivers this Holiday Season.

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