Thursday, December 10, 2009


Are your nuts cracked yet this Xmas season? Well, we're doing our best.

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We're feeling poppy today, which might come as a surprise to our regular visitors. What might also come as a surprise is that we think The Pet Shop Boys and Saint Etienne are super-fantastic. Yes indeed. Neil Tennant of The Pet Shop Boys is one of his generation's great observational songwriters, and Saint Etienne make some of the finest pop this side of Crowded House. So why not a little Festive love from these groups? Why not indeed.

And while we're at it, how 'bout the ultimate power pop band, Big Star? We're guessing y'all already have their Holiday classic "Jesus Christ", so we're gonna toss the alternate demo version your way, which is starkly beautiful and adds a whole new layer to the song. And why not add Teenage Fanclub's swirling indie version and The Health and Happiness Show's countryfied rendition to the mix? Yup.

And, lest we forget, we've got Part 2 of our Drunken Holiday Re-Posts. Today, we've got some tootin' tannenbaum tipplers from Robert Earl Keen (a classic!), Sherwin Linton, The Rimshots, and the Tiger City Jukes. All are guaranteed to send you scrabbling for the nearest bottle to get you through the Holiday season.

Santa's a Ginger Snap

Pet Shop Boys: It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas (mp3)

Saint Etienne: My Christmas Prayer (mp3)

Big Star: Jesus Christ (demo) (mp3)

Teenage Fanclub: Jesus Christ (mp3)

The Health and Happiness Show: Jesus Christ (mp3)

Bonus Boozy Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts Part 2

Robert Earl Keen: Merry Christmas From The Family (mp3)

The Rimshots: Santa Stole My Whiskey (mp3)

Tiger City Jukes: Watch Out! Santa's Been Drinking (mp3)

Sherwin Linton: Santa Got A DWI (mp3)

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