Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sit and Spin Santa

Less than a week to go, and we wanna know...How are you celebrating Shane MacGowan's birthday on December 25th?

Hope y'all enjoyed the Black Diamond Heavies yesterday. We're returning to the Holiday posts today, so it's safe to breathe again.

Another slightly mixed bag of toys today. Some punk, some Blues, some trash-a-billy. You now, the usual.

It'd probably be wise to kick things off with a snazzy little number by everyone's favorite Canadian punk rawkers, Fucked Up. Fucked Up have a new Christmas single out (A cover of "Do They Know It's Christmas" featuring a whole slew of special guest stars), which we highly recommend. But we're not gonna post that one here, as it's for some very good charities. You can check out the info here and how to buy here. Today's Fucked Up tune is an older Holiday single, "David Christmas".

Hard to follow that up, but we've got some down'n'out Christmas Blues from Walter Davis and Washboard Pete. And, of course, what Yuletide would be complete without the mighty, trashy, rockabilly kings Flat Duo Jets?

Bonus re-posts this time 'round features some true classics from previous years. The Dirtbombs, The Legendary Tiger Man, El Vez, and Rocket From The Crypt (man, that's a hell of a lineup!) all contribute their special brand of Xmas garbage can nihilism for your enjoyment.

Santa's A Nog Addict!

Fucked Up: David Christmas (mp3)

Walter Davis: Santa Claus Blues (mp3)

Flat Duo Jets: It's Christmas Time (Hey, We're Gonna Rock) (mp3)

Washboard Pete: Christmas Blues (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

The Dirtbombs: My Last Christmas (mp3)

The Legendary Tiger Man: Fuck Christmas, I Got The Blues (mp3)

El Vez: Santa Claus Is Sometimes Brown (mp3)

Rocket From The Crypt: Cancel Christmas (mp3)

Have a Good Holiday.


Anonymous said...

Ahh... The Legendary Tiger Man - a true classic, in every sense of the word. It just wouldn't be Xmas without him !!
Thanks for everything you've contributed this holiday season, by the way - it's been GREAT !!
Hope you made the most of your office party the other day. Don't suppose they played too much of The Black Diamond Heavies at that shindig - shoulda hung out with us, listening to "Alive As Fuck" all night. What an experience !!
Keep 'em coming... and a big 'THANK YOU' once again, for everything.
Cheers 'n' beers,


Rockstar Aimz said...

Fucked Up RULES! Thanks for all of the great tunz.