Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rumble Santa

We've been neglectful in thanking all the folks who have commented or e-mailed over the past few week. So thanks to all y'all! We wouldn't be here without you. And to you new folks, stick around. We've got our big annual BEST OF LIST coming up between Christmas and New Year's Eve (never could understand how anyone could compile a complete list in late November/early December. Too many smaller labels churning out great records right to the bitter end. And we're still adding and subtracting from our master list). After that, we're committed to providing y'all with the finest in Trash/Country/Blues and random whatnot goodness throughout the coming year.

Now then. Them young people love that rocking and rolling, especially 'round the Holiday Season, what with the heavy petting and the Spin The Bottle games. And Christmas is the season for giving, we've been told. And who wants to be a Grinch-ish prude this time o' the year?

So today's Yuletide post is a stocking-full of teenage Santa Claus rumble. A veritable sock-hop's worth of Xmas rock: loud, fast, and out of control, by (sugar plum) gum.

And our bonus re-posts are even more crazy boppin' Santa swingers! Man, if you're party aint rockin' after these tunes, you just aint feelin' the Spirit, maaaaan.

Santa's A Fool For the Jingle Swing!

Eddie and DeHavelon: Christmas Party (mp3)

The Trashmen: Dancin' With Santa (mp3)

Jimmy Charles: Christmasville U.S.A. (mp3)

The Rumbles: Wildest Christmas (mp3)

Debbie and The Darnells: Santa Teach Me To Dance (mp3)

Ron Winters: Snow Girl (mp3)

Bonus Dancin' Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts, Part One

The Enchanters: Mambo Santa Mambo (mp3)

The Twistin' Kings: Xmas Twist (mp3)

Dexter Gordon: Jingle Jangle Jump (mp3)

The Davis Sisters: Christmas Boogie (mp3)

Yeah, times are tough. But if you've got an extra single or five-spot to throw towards the charity of your choice, it'd probably help someone out a lot more than that "ironic" sweater that you were gonna get your cousin. Just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great Christmas music! I've been looking forever for the Davis Sisters track. The original CD is out-of-print I guess. I appreciate the fact that you post the deeper tracks, not the Top-40 hits. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Yup, thanks for all of this, it's been great so far and I look forward to the next few days for some more jewels.