Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blue Lights

Ho Ho Ho, ya ho's!

If we were feeling soulful yesterday, today we've got the damn Christmas Blues, oh yes. 'Course the Blues lend themselves to bad Holidays, all trouble and woe, and my baby left on Christmas Day, etc.

Doesn't get much better, when Lightnin' Hopkins, Guitar Slim, and Cecil Grant lend their own problems to the mix. Christmas just aint Christmas without problems and complications, don't ya just know it.

For our bonus re-posts, we're gonna stay Blue with some Holiday house-rockers from past Xmas posts. And, yes, two of 'em have some pretty obvious double entendre's. Jimmy Butler's "Trim Your Tree" has long been a favorite with readers. But Roosevelt Sykes, and Cecil Grant provide their own low-down, dirty-dog Yuletide joy.

Santa's Got A Big...Guitar!

Lightnin' Hopkins: Santa (mp3)

Guitar Slim and Jelly Belly: Christmas Time Blues (mp3)

Cecil Grant: Hello Santa Claus (mp3)

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Re-Posts

Jimmy Butler: Trim Your Tree (mp3)

Roosevelt Sykes: Let Me Hang Your Stockings In Your Christmas Tree (mp3)

Eddie C. Campbell: Santa's Messing With The Kid (mp3)

Please support your local, independent jukejoint this Holiday Season.


Ernie said...

December the second and I'm already behind...

Thanks for sharing all these gems, especially the new ones!

Carolyn said...

Can I add a holiday tune that I wrote? It's called George Bailey, and I wrote it for Jimmy Stewart's character in It's A Wonderful Life. He has me smitten every year. I abandoned my country and western styles for this one and went back to James Jamerson and Motown... nothing says Christmas like Phil Spector, right?

Happy Holidays!
Carolyn Sills

Anonymous said...

Now THAT's Got-damn good!!! Thank you Big Rock.

Django said...

The Spirit hasn't hit me just yet, but I bet these'll kick me right into gear, many thanks!!