Thursday, December 16, 2004

ah, love

Gene Autry, America's Favorite Singing Cowboy.

Realize this isn't the coolest of Chirstmas posts, but I think Autry's a genius. I grew up listening to the Gene Autry christmas album. Sitting in front of my parent's old record player.

Autry was first billed a "Oklahoma's Yodeling Cowboy" before making his mark in films. One can argue the value and "truth" of the westerns he made, but he's an icon, as much a part of the the weird old American landscape as Robert Johnson, Hank Williams, Howlin' Wolf, Charlie Parker and Sonic Youth. Plus, the songs are fun.

Rootin' and Tootin' on Christmas eve

Gene Autry: Here Comes Santa Claus (mp3)

Gene Autry: Santa, Santa, Santa (mp3)

(Y'allsendit on package from site)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the 'Santa, Santa, Santa' track a bunch.... though I still think I prefer any/ all of the other icons you listed a bit better. I missed your post last week, and the link for 'Here Comes S.C.' has since expired/ had too many hits. What did I miss? Was this THE one?
As you alluded several times, it's hard to keep up with all the various blogs out there with all the Xmas tunage. I just wanted to thank you for keeping the tunes coming this season. The GF and I will tip a Guiness to ya this week for sure. Of course, next week we'll need -- and find -- another excuse. Thanks for helping make this year's Christmas tunes not so boring.