Saturday, December 11, 2004

boot rockin'

As promised, I return ready and refreshed.

I hate working on Saturdays. Happy Holidays. Christmas brings out the worst in people, at least from a shopping standpoint.

Some great new blogs out there. Check out Mangos and Mandolins. Says Jesse, the proprietor..."The main focus will be on Americana and tangentially related music, Brazilian music, and plenty of assorted interesting pop and
traditional music from around the world."
True to form, its got Tom Ze and The Wayfaring Strangers up at the moment. Great stuff. Bookmark it.

Got a slight theme running through these holiday posts. Anybody got a guess?

Rockabilly's a strange hybrid. Little bit country, little bit r'n'r. You knew that though.

There's a great vintage store in my neighborhood. They carry lots of great, odd little rockabilly, bop and garage records. I plan on spending too much money there. The following tunes are courtesy of purchases made at Chicago's own Vintage Deluxe.

One of the bands, The Dalheart Imperials, hails from the great city of Denver, Colorado. Denver's got a thriving country music scene, led by the Imperials and my favorite band of all time, Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams.

Read more about Denver's (real) country music scene at The Denver Barn Dance.

On with the show

The Rimshots: Santa Stole My Whiskey (mp3)

Dalheart Imperials: Old Man Spivey's Egg Nog (mp3)

(YouSendIt on from there.)


Tim said...

Love the Rimshots tune, thanks! Seems to be a problem with the other tune though: it downloads as a 2k file and (obviously) doesn't play. Is it just me?

Jesse said...

Hey there,

I appreciate the link and kind words for my new blog. I really like the stuff you've been posting here, and I say that as someone who doesn't like Christmas music. Thanks for the great music.


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