Thursday, December 23, 2004


Figgered I'd finish off the Xmas posts over the next two days with my two favorite musical gentleman. Tommorrow will feature my favorite Xmas song of all time. Can't wait, can you?

Today, we've got Tom Waits. Sentimental Tom and Preachin' Tom with The Blind Boys of Alabama. On the first tune, note the background singers. What producer talked him into that?

Anyway, even if you dont' like Tom, The Blind Boys of Alabama are more than worth your attention. The song is pure, perfect soul, with Tom bringing a little coal from down the mountain.

Tom Waits: Silent Night (mp3)

Tom Waits and The Blind Boys of Alabama: Go Tell It On the Mountain (mp3)

(yousendit from site)

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Fire of lovE said...

Love your blog, Added it to my feeds.
Archie BrownLee and the five blind ....
Thats god taste

Merry Christmas