Friday, December 17, 2004


Yep. That's a tractor.

It's getting harder to keep up with all the other blogs hosting xmas tunes. I apologise if'n I post something that's already been covered elsewhere. The upside, of course, is that we're all flush with new tunes to get us through the elevator music usually associated with the season.

More blues today. I'm not a big indie rock guy anymore, which will be noted on my upcoming top ten list. Muddy is the new clean.

Lightnin' Hopkins. Well, what can I say? One of my favorites, up there with Mississippi John Hurt and Howlin' Wolf, despite an REM song named after him.

I know Pete Mayes is from Texas. That's about all I know. Not a whole lot on the web. If anyone has more info, lemme know, I'll post it.

Santa was in the house when the house burned down

Lightnin' Hopkins: Merry Christmas (mp3)

Texas Pete Mayes and His Houserocker Blues Band: Christmas Holidays (mp3)

(YouseSendit on from site)

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Anonymous said...

Two more great Xmas tracks from a great music blog. If only stores/offices would play this instead of Celine & Clay Aiken etc., I wouldn't feel like such a Grinch.
Thanks. And also thanks for the link to Yule Shoot Your Eye Out. --- MindyB