Friday, December 03, 2004

good man

I generally try to avoid anything that reeks of cheese, but I think the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon is one of the greatest things ever made. When he picks out the little tree nobobdy wants, i turn into a big ball of blubber. Every damn time.


As promised, we've got a Tom Waits xmas post today...partly to celebrate the bootlegs of his most recent European tour having leaked, and partly because...well, he's Tom.

The Tom song is taken from an older boot, and is a medley of'll figure it out.

The second tune has been credited as a duet between Tom and Peter Murphy, of all folks. A quick check on google confirms the rumour is still alive and well. In actuality it's a band called Porn Orchard. Apparently the attempt was to take the piss on poor Tom and Peter. It worked. Pretty good imitations, though the Tom guy sounds more like Buster Poindexter at times. Enjoy. Tell yr friends.

Santa waits for no man

Tom Waits: Silent Night/Christmas Card (mp3)

TomPornPeter: Christmas Sucks (mp3)

(YouSendIt on from site...easy)


Anonymous said...

Hialrious!! Especially the faux Tom Waits. These will jump to the top of my Xmas compilation list. Thanks so much. --- Mindy B

Anonymous said...

like the combo of drunk at the piano Waits and mr. goth murphy- ww

Tim said...

Great blog! Really enjoying the songs. By the way, apparently the Porn Orchard tune is called "This Holiday Season," not "Christmas Sucks".