Tuesday, December 21, 2004

like, christmas

So, she who is most beloved cheated last nite. She looked in her xmas stocking. Shame. When people start snooping in their xmas presents early, the terrorists have won.

Sympathy For the Record Industry has been doing it long before Spin (whom I have some opinions about that I plan on sharing at the start of my upcoming top 10 list)dropped their industry-approved band of the month to give the White Stripes ("hey, they're telegenic!") a cursory listen. Like Norton, In the Red, Bomp!, and countless other small labels, SFTRI never forgot that rock (what some easily categorize as garage) was all about a snarl and a killer,loud guitar riff. They never forgot that country and blues were as much a part of the musical landscape as plastic lighters and devil signs. If you think U2 or a bunch of well dressed folks rehashing 80's dance beats are what rock is all about, this aint for you. The devil does have all the good tunes (Well, except for old gospel. And soul. And Mozart. and...oh nevermind).

From Sympathy's double lp, Happy Birthday Baby Jesus.

Rocket From The Crypt: Cancel Christmas (mp3)

El Vez: Feliz Navi Dada (mp3)

Supersuckers: Call It Christmastime (mp3)

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