Tuesday, December 14, 2004

anyone figger out my favorite drink yet?

Good lord, it's a record. Christmas shopping done.

Got an email from a genleman directing me to his new blog. You really must stop what you're doing here and git on over to Yule Shoot Your Eye Out. Not only does it reference one of the top 3 films ever made, but the songs are brilliant, too. Excellent leftfield Christmas stuff, and I'm interested in seeing where he goes after the holidays (for god's sake, though, don't change the name).

For those interested: Xmas tunes will end on December 24th. From then til New Year's Eve, I'm going to throw my Top 10 albums of the year into the ring(yeah, I know...everybody's doing it...what can i say? We're all list makers.). After a special New Year's post, it's back to the old timey, greasy, and slightly off exploration of the more rustic side of America.

It's occurred to me, as things often do, that I've been a bit lax on posting any Irish tunes, outside of dear ole Shane.

The Chieftans have done amazing work in spreading traditional Irish music to the masses. Unfortunately, some of what they've done has been a bit harmful, I think. Bringing in Sting (Stink) and Mick Jagger, among other "rockers", to sing along sometimes leaves a bad taste of Lord of the Dance in my mouth. But The Bells Of Dublin , from which the following tune is taken, is a fantastic album. All the singers are perfectly chosen, and the music contains all the joy and sadness we've come to expect from great Irish music. That's the inimitable Burgess Meredith narrating and Kevin Conneff singing on the tune.

The Clancy Brothers have been the voice of the American Irish yearning for home for almost 50 years. From songs of drinking and blackguarding, to new compositions, to Danny Boy, The Clancy Brothers have carved themselves on the Mount Rushmore of Irish traditionalists. Below is their take on Jingle Bells. As only the Irish can.

Nollaig Shona Duit

The Chieftans: Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil (mp3)

The Clancy Brothers: Buala Bas (mp3)

(Yousendit files...click on song...download from there)

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Peter said...

Wow, thanks for the kind comments regarding my blog thingy; you're too kind! Don't worry about the name, I've been using it for too long ('bout 8 years) to give it up now. I'm planning on keeping it xmas all year 'round; we'll see how I do. Thanks again!