Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This picture has nothing to do with the music

Super quickie today.

Both the following are taken from the Stax/Volt album "It's Christmas Time Again", which you should be able to find easily at yr local record shop. One's a classic. One should be. Both are sad sad songs. With soul.

Read about the legendary Stax/Volt here.

Little Johnny Taylor: Please Come Home For Christmas (mp3)

The Emotions: What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas (mp3)

(yousendits....click target...download from site).

Longer posts over the next few days as we work up to my favorite xmas song of all time. Yep. Feel me tremble.

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C. said...

You have to love that 1950s record company strategy--no matter what the album, what the group, it will sell more if we put a girl on the cover. But I suppose it worked. Merry Xmas!