Sunday, December 05, 2004

ho ho howdy

Couple of quick items before we get to the tunes.

1. The Porn Orchard tune from the Tom Waits post is actually titled "This Holiday Season", not "Christmas Sucks". Thanks to Tim from Retail Blog for pointing that out.

2. I have a friend who is having trouble downloading the tunes from YouSendIt. Anyone else having problems? Also, the songs expire after about 7 days. If anyone missed earlier posts, let me know...we can work something out.

Thanks for sticking with me. Taking another turn of sorts today.

There's this type of music I like to call burnt desert music. It's usually expansive, and sort of...well...burnt sounding. Usually involving singers on the gravelly edge of things, lots of lonesome instruments, and a feeling of being a little lost. Bands I think of as burnt desert music include, not exclusively, Calexico, Giant Sand, Richard Buckner, Centro-matic, and the two bands I'm giving you today.

I've posted this song by Willard Grant Conspiracy before. But it's one of my favorite tunes. To quote myself loosely, Robert Fisher has the voice of a prophet, ragged and dusty, chanting repent from 40 days in the wilderness.

Okkervil River is kind of a mystery to me. About half their catlog strikes me as some of the best music being written today. The other, maybe needs an editor. But, my god...the tune below...pure bliss. And the chorus, which you'll recognize, brings back one of the most sublime moments of the past 50 years. Indeed.

Sandy Claws

Willard Grant Conspiracy: Christmas in Nevada (mp3)

Okkervil River: Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas (mp3)

(YouSendIt on link...hoho from the site)

Coming up this week: A visit with a man named Shane, some Beatnik jazz, an old 80's favorite, and the return of blues and honky tonk. Hang on to your party hats.

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Tim said...

Hey man, thanks for the mention in the post. Great songs again today, too. I actually missed the Jimmy Smith/Roland Kirk tunes. Could we work something out so I can get them? Maybe I can upload some xmas tunes for you in exchange?