Friday, December 31, 2004


BigRock's advice for the day: Always take two aspirin and drink a whole glass of water before going to bed on new year's eve/morning. Trust me on this one.

Two celebratory ditties for ya before a much needed two day break.

Ok, one's a poem. Wait, come back, it's not by me or Sylvia Plath. It'll be ok, I promise. I've always been a bit of a John Updike-as-novelist fan. Never paid much attention to his poetry. But this little piece just strikes me as a perfect capsule of reflection, not just for the new year, but in light of all the recent events in the world. From the Rhino/WordBeat box set In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry.

John Updike: An Oddly Lovely Day Alone (mp3)
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And, since Lighnin' already wished us a merry Christmas, why not let him wish us a happy New Year as well?

Lightnin' Hopkins: Happy New Year (mp3)
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That'll do it for this year. See ya next one.


Reverend Frost said...

Thanx for the support mate (must admit I started my blog after seeing yours !) Anyway thanx again and happy new year to you. Keep up the brilliant work !

Reverend Frost said...

Oh and I'm just a preacher waving a gun around.
Glory Hallelujah !