Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And A Good Saloon In Every Single Town

Whelp, here we go, consarnit, persnickety turntable be damned!  Here's our first foray into the almighty Big Rock Candy Mountain Top Favorite Records Of 2010!  So sayeth we, and let it be so.

Usually we take some time right here to write a lengthy, long-winded and tedious overview of the current state of music that nobody reads, and nobody cares about.  Folks like what folks like, of course, and no rambling by some anonymous blogger-type (i.e. us) is gonna change anyone's mind.  So, there's that. Let's just say that were tons of great records released this year, as there every year, and most of them have come from Independent labels rather than the "majors".  Many of them have been ignored by Rolling Stone, Spin, Country radio, etc. It's the same old song, of course (pun fully intended).

Most of the records we dig we've found through friend recommendations, live shows and fests, networking through, yes, social networks like Facebook, and, of course, music blogs found throughout the world-wide internets.  I don't believe we've purchased a record through review or airplay from mainstream publications or radio stations in years.

It's why Net Neutrality is such a troubling bill/issue, and one that those of us concerned with the distribution of ideas, both musically and otherwise, should be following this legislation carefully.  It's got nothing to do with political affiliation and everything to do with how large corporations want to regulate what we read on the internet, and how said internet is used.  If you've got the time, please read up on Net Neutrality, and contact yr representative about the issue.  Unless, of course, you want Rolling Stone and Sony music telling you what music you like.  Just sayin'.

Damn, that was actually relatively brief.  For us, at least.

So...on to our Favorite Records Of The Year List, which we naturally will spread over several days.  

There are actually a couple "major label" records on this list, but that's the exception, not the rule.  As you will see.

Please note, of course, that these records are our "Favorites", not some definitive list of  what will matter years from now.  We think these records are pretty swell, and we think they all have staying power.  But at the end of the day...who knows?  If you like what we post here, you'll probably dig these records.  If you're new here...well give 'em a try.  What's it gonna hurt?

Blah, blah, blah...so here's Part 1 of our Favorite Records Of The Year.   No comment on the first (or last) 10 records, just check 'em out, and maybe we'll have more to say about 'em down the line.  The next 10  or so, also posted below,  will have a few pithy comments and an Mp3 attached, as is our wont, and we'll get more verbose as we reach the end.  So keep scrolling down for the mp3 stuff.  Don't like what you see today?  Well, stay tuned...everything changes, always...

Oh, and most of these song samples are ripped from vinyl.  That's just how it is...

So without further ado...#'s 55-34.  Rock'n'Roll, baby.

The Big Rock Candy Mountain Favorite Records Of 2010 Part 1

55. The Black Keys: Brothers

54. Gil Scott-Heron: I'm New Here

53. Moonhearts: Moonhearts 

52. Lions Rampant: It's Fun To Do Bad Things

51. Old Man Luedecke: My Hands Are On Fire

50. The Crusaders Of Love: Never Grow Up

49. Michael Hurley: Blue Hills

48. Cheap Time: Fantastic Explanations

47. Haunted George: American Crow

46. So Cow: Meaningless Friendly


Waylon Thornton: Various Records

Satan's Country artist.  Whether with The Heavy Hands or solo, this cat has released a shit-ton of records this year, putting Robert Pollard to shame, and more than we can keep up with.  You can grab 'em all (for free!) here.   Putting the nasty back into the tribal rhythm 'n' Country, and adding a film of filthy trash sleaze over the proceedings, this is the music yr mother warned you about...and the music yr dying to hear.

Waylon Thornton: Meet Me By The Garbage Can (mp3)

Waylon Thornton: Old Black Shuck (mp3)


Frazey Ford: Obadiah 

Former mistress of Be Good Tanyas, Frazey Ford is the gauzy, porch-hung sound of dying embers and a night spent with fireflies and crackled embers.

Frazey Ford: The Gospel Song (mp3) 


Giant Sand: Blurry Blue Mountain

A sound of the desert dying, in rumble and murmer.  The twisted phrase, and the train whistle blowing for nowhere, the rails into the great dark.

Giant Sand: Fields Of Green (mp3)


The Vermin Poets: Poets Of England

It's Billy Childish.  Need we say more.  Again, it's Billy Childish.   Punk Blooze like god blessed auteur shredded and laid, always, and always, bare...A shouted raw, a raw holler.

The Vermin Poets: He's Taken His Eye Off The Sparrow (mp3)


Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers: The Kneandrethal Sound Of...

Big beat psychotic (not "psycho") rockabilly, fucking Elvis in his grave  and stealing off with the corpse of teenage lust, into the steamy jungle.  Yeah, you know what we mean.

Hipbone Slim and His Knee Tremblers: Primitive Rock (mp3)


Hillstomp: Darker The Night 

Deep in the darkest holler, the  busted strings of the real deep country blues, laid out kicking mud and soil.  Banjo and six-stringer hypnotic, swimming in pools of mountains best left forgotten.

Hillstomp: Banjo Song #1 (mp3)

Hillstomp: Crawdad Hole (mp3)


Amen Dunes: Murder Dull Mind E.P. 

A ghost of sound, in and out of dream, where the muttered of the mind alights on the smallest of weeds, fragile and mighty in circumstance. 

Amen Dunes: Murder Dull Mind (mp3)


The City Champs: The Set-Up 

Booker T as spy movie, organ groove in beat down noir, last chance saloon with fingers poppin' and skirts are mini rising to heaven, the groove is greasy and the gropes are desperate.  

The City Champs: Drippy (mp3)


Eat Skull: Jerusalem Mall 7"

Scuzzfuzz, bigfluff, lower fi than yr mom in stockings...shooting underwater missives via trashbomb glory racket.  And yet...and yet...tasty candy under the counter.

Eat Skull: Don't Leave Me On The Speaker (mp3)


Andre Williams: That's All I Need

Andre goes back to his Soul'nR'n'B roots.  Groovetastic, without the garage rock stylings of recent years, this is Williams like he was remembered from the late 50's/early 60's, soulful and slinky.   Still nasty, but with a late-nite vibe,  dancing you to the edge of dawn. Includes a big ol' fuck you to the rock hall o' fame.  What other 74-year old is still so relevant in this day and age?

Andre Williams: That's All I Need (mp3)


The Goodnight Loving: Supper Club

Popped garage goodness, snot scrubbed and twangy jangled.

The Goodnight Loving: It's A Long Way In A Bad Way (mp3)


Nobunny: First Blood

It's Nobunny, innit?  The man performs in a bunny mask and his underwear.  Gimmick aside, he also makes some of the most perfect rawk on the planet...pure adrenaline-laced fuck'n'run, helium soaked and dirty pure pop heaven.  Oh yes.

Nobunny: Aint It A Shame (mp3)

More to come, of course.  In the meantime, check these records out and contact yr local, independent rekkid store for yr gateway to music heaven. 

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