Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas Stunk

Hey.  Merry Xmas.  And thanks for all the kind words from all y'all in regards to our 500th post.  My email box was flooded, which was a lovely Holiday gift.  Stick around, we aint goin' nowhere, nohow.

That said, y'all might wanna cover yr ears for today's batch  of Christmas cookies.  Seems every Yuletide, we feel compelled to post a post that's a little bit...errrm..."noisy".  Hey, we've got varied tastes (though you'll never find any 80's hair metal 'round these parts...we have our standards, dammit).  So today's goodies are gonna be a little difficult for the more delicately inclined.  Just sayin', and you've been warned. 

Starting off with a double blast of Xmas nihilism, then, from a couple of bands who currently (maybe?) share a record label we're real keen on.  We're talking about some nasty stocking stuffers here, folks.  We're talking about some Holiday scuzz courtesy of The Guinea Worms and El Jesus De Magico

Adding to that, we'll top off the tree with "angelic" tunes from "Country Mike" (aka Mike D. from the Beastie Boys), and the very, very legendary Wild Man Fischer.

Again, these aint tunes for the faint of heart.  We'll be back to the more traditional stuff tomorrow.   But we still think these are pretty kick-ass Xmas tunes.  Try 'em out!

No Re-Post Special today.  Back to normal on Friday...

Santa's a scuzz fan!

The Guinea Worms: Christmas Stunk (mp3)

El Jesus De Magico: Xmas At Wounded Knee (mp3)

Country Mike: Country Christmas (mp3)

Wild Man Fischer: I'm A Christmas Tree (mp3)

Please support whatever you can this Holiday Season.  We're all broke, of course.  But  some are more broke than others.  

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