Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

Ok.  Here we go!  The final few days of our Holdiay hootenanny!  Hope y'all have enjoyed yrselves.  We have.

Just a reminder that following this, we're gonna have our world famous Favorite Records Of The Year List, which we'll manage to stretch out over a week, cuz...well...we're not real good at editing ourselves..

So, as promised, things are gonna ramp up this week, and we've got some Santastic tunes for y'all today.  It's all about the Country 'round these parts, and  we aim to please.

What can we say?  Bob Wills, Dave Dudley, Charlie Rich, Kitty Wells, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Strait ( heard that right), and Ernie Ashworth!  Holy Mistletoe!

Many thanks to "John From Milwaukee" for his assist on this post!

(Please note that we have no religious affiliation, and any tunes that reflect one are merely a result of  the inevitable connotations of how some view the season...)

Santa's a Ho Ho Hillbilly!  Every tune a Holiday hoedown!  Collect 'em all!

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys: When It's Christmas On The Range (mp3)

Dave Dudley: Old Time Merry Christmas (mp3)

Charlie Rich: Santa Claus's Daughter (mp3)

Kitty Wells: Ole Kris Kringle (mp3)

Jerry Lee Lewis: I Can't Have A Merry Christmas Without You Mary (mp3)

George Strait: Christmas Cookies (mp3)

Ernie Ashworth: I Love A Country Christmas (mp3)

Happy Holidays to everyone, regardless of affiliation.  Take some time to share some love with yr fellow man!


Stubby said...

Christmas Cookies! Yumm!

Martin Blasick said...

Dear Big Rock Candy Mountain,

My holiday song Operation North Pole got airplay from DJ Jimmy Jay yesterday.
Press release:

I hope it would be nice for your blog. Youtube vid:

for sale on bandcamp:

I'm happy to send a preview copy.

Don't mean to blatantly plug my music but I didn't see an email link.

Happy Holidays,

Martin Blasick

Jeff said...

It's always great to hear Charlie Rich. It's too bad he did not record more Christmas songs before he died.