Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beatnik Christmas

Breaking news!  Tom Waits to be inducted in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame!  Not that he, or us, probably gives a rat's ass about the hall, but it's the recognition of his peers, at long last, that we appreciate.  Tom's our hero, of course, and we say...good on ya.  More to come on this development....

Hairy Chestnuts!

And why does UPS suck so much?   Are they trying to ruin Christmas for everyone?  Just sayin'...

Well, then.  As promised.  Yet another beatnik Xmas post.  And this is the ultimate, daddy-o (did anyone really talk that way?).  Regardless, these swell songs should keep you groovin' over yr "cool yule".  And that aint no jingle bell jive.  Oh yes.

Our featured tree trimmed and beret-wearin' guests today are Jimmy Bowen, Miles Davis and Bob Dorough (of the mighty School House Rock fame), and Sam Ulano.  Swing, Christmas cats, swing.  

And for the Re-Post, hep cat, Special...well, let's go all out.  We've got immortal Yuletide coffee house glee from Babs Gonzales, Patsy RayeDonny Burns, Johnny Guarnieri,  and Edd "Kookie" Byrnes

Krazy Kristmas Kittens, Kats!  (too much?)

Jimmy Bowen: Big Red and Cool Yule (mp3)

Miles Davis and Bob Dorough: Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern) (mp3)

Sam Ulano: Santa and the Doodle-Li-Boop (mp3)

Re-Post, finger snappin' Special

Patsy Raye: A Beatnik's Wish (mp3)

Babs Gonzales: Be-Bop Santa (mp3)

Johnny Guarnieri: Santa's Secret (mp3)

Edd Kookie Byrnes: Yulesville (mp3)

Donny Burns: Cool Yule (mp3)

Thanks.  We're just gonna sit this one out.  Please donate what you can, where you can.  And have a great Holiday season.  


Mark said...

The Davis cut sounds a lot like Multiplication Rock. Miles in his autobiography says of the song: "They thought it would be hip if I had this silly singer named Bob Dorough on the album with Gil (Evans) arranging. The less said about it the better, but it did let me play with Wayne Shorter for the first time."

According to Jack Chambers (Milestones: The Music and Times of Miles Davis), when Columbia wanted Davis to contribute a song to the "Jingle Bell Jazz" album, Davis complained to Dorough, "What the f*ck am I supposed to play for them? ‘White Christmas’?"

I think I would've dug that. I'm also, like, diggin' your beatnik groove.

bigrockcandymountain said...

Too bad Miles didn't like the end's goofy, but in a fun way.


Mark said...

Well, Miles wasn't your warm and fuzzy type. On the other hand, I don't suppose they had to hold a gun to his head.