Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tex Kringle

Well, as we do every year on this date, let's all pause a moment to say Happy Birthday Mr. Tom Waits!  We love him, dontcha know...and we bet he loves us too.  Certainly.

Anyhow, now we're working our way up to Shane MacGowan's birthday on the 25th (any other celebrated birthdays we should know about on that day?).  So let's get going.

We're on the range today, with some proper good old Country and Western Holiday music for all y'all.  Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing every day, anyway?

Bill Monroe is Bill Monroe.  You know him, you love him.  He's got a couple swell bluegrassy tunes to ride yr Yuletide pony to. And singing cowboys Tex Ritter and  Jimmy Wakely have both got some jolly ho-ho-ho's to share.

Our Re-Post Special features Loretta Lynn and Asleep At The Wheel.  More Country goodness...my goodness.  

Yippee ki yi yay Santa Claus.

Bill Monroe: That's Christmas Time To Me (mp3)

Tex Ritter: Ole Tex Kringle (mp3)

Jimmy Wakely: It's Christmas (mp3)

Bill Monroe: Christmas Time's A-Comin' (mp3)

Re-Post Specials

Loretta Lynn: Country Christmas (mp3)

Asleep At The Wheel: Merry Texas Christmas Y'all (mp3)

Thanks for stopping by.  Please support the artists you can.  Preferably through independent means, or directly from the artist.  Go to a show.  String a bunch of lights around yr home or apartment, and have a listening party for Christmas.


Divinyl said...

Annie Lennox was born on Christmas day...and has released a Christmas album this year, apparently (although I haven't heard it, so can't comment on it's merits!)...what could be more fitting? :o)

Divinyl said...

A list of births, including Cab Calloway: