Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And I Remember Something You Once Told Me, And I'll Be Damned If It Did Not Come True

Oh, hello!  Welcome back to Day 2 of our Favorite Records Of The Year 2010 list.  

God forbid we manage this in one fell swoop.  'Spect it has to do with how keenly we enjoyed each and every rekkid, regardless of chart position.   'Cuz ranking a record is kinda nonsense, really, innit?  But we like our lists, and here we are randomly assigning a number to each record we dug over the past 12 months.  Sigh...

That said, please find enjoyment in the following rekkids, most of which are vinyl rips.  And stay tuned for our final 20 fave rave platters coming up after this.  Good gravy, we're reeling onward...

Here's 33-21...

Big Rock Candy Mountain Favorite Records Of 2010 (Part 2)


The Piney Girl Country Show: Jesus Wept

Cowgirl on a fuck-you tip.  Fiddle fried and down-home loose gun yee haw.  Nasty and boot-stomped twangette.  

The Piney Girl Country Show: I Was Born In A Thunderstorm (mp3)


Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Rush To Relax 

Aussie VU-inspired retard rawk,  a lead singer with a glove, but aint no Michael Jackson shit, instead drone and bottle-neck groove, guitar and intonation.  

Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Tuning Out (mp3)


Uke Of Phillips: Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack

Can't figger out when this was originally released...but we aint gonna consider it a re-issue.  A Mississippi Records joint, lower fi than John Darnielle, banged cans in kitchen sink psychedelic swirl down the drain of homemade  hoot yr belly, delicate like a flower and mighty like dripping plaster.

Uke Of Phillips: History Lightning Bug (mp3)


Black Mekon: Broke Into Always On

Sleaze blooze'n'booze deep trash garbage can rawk, baby!  Shitstorm holler and wail, guitar fucker.  And it's even better than all that. 

Black Mekon: Bourbonese Girl (mp3)


Outer Minds: Bloodshot Eyes 7"

Psych-garage, swirled down dirt-encrusted murmer and fey space into black hole clamor.  Tasty!

Outer Minds: Ordinary (mp3)


T-Model Ford: The Ladies Man

It's T-Model Ford!  What the hell else can we say that adds to the mythology?  No sign of slowing down, Ford's the survivor of the vanguard.  And the fact that each album he releases continues to plow deeper into the Delta mud, mean and filthy, well...that's just a bonus.  To all of us.  Frankly, we're all blessed by a new T-Model Ford rekkid.  Indeed.

T-Model Ford: Love Me All Night Long (mp3)


Sin Ropas: Holy Broken

A welcome return.  Still clanky and clamorous,  the whispered good thing, a buzz and desert swept throb. 

Sin Ropas: The Fever You Fake (mp3)


Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: Medicine County

Golightly continues her austere exploration of creaky Americana.  The third in a trilogy, or can we expect more?   Regardless...swayback rocking chair ruminations, the pipe smokey mountain vibe and amber fields razed in dark and hidden things.

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: Medicine County (mp3)

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: I Can't Lose (mp3)


Girl Haggard: Country and Eastern

What we said earlier this year:

"...full of alcohol, regret, and defiance, at once sly winkin' and pickup-truck ready, full throttle  tavern-smoked vintage,  loaded and brawlin'.  Lead singer Mandy Allen is the Loretta Lynn of the trailerpark, full of kiss-offs and fuck-ups, a yowling yodel of a voice.  Guitarist Adam Theroux slings off greasy fried chunks of country-seared chug-a-lug. The whole damn mess is the best diner skillet you ever had, flavored, of course, with a hearty dose of bourbon."

Girl Haggard: Modern Lovers (mp3)


Harlan T. Bobo: Sucker

Late-night troubadour, gin matted, husky throated in sweet syrup, the saddest strings attached, a motel and busted gut-shot tv, gaze at the snow, the signal faded.

Harlan T. Bobo: Sweet Life (mp3)

Harlan T. Bobo: Drank (mp3)


The Parting Gifts: Strychnine Dandelion 

Greg Cartwright (The Oblivians/Reigning Sound) and Coco Hames (The Ettes) make a duet record.  How could that go wrong?  Well, it couldn't, of course.  It goes wonderfully right.  Spiked punch a-go-go, sour'n'sweet, organ-noir.

The Parting Gifts: My Mind's Made Up (mp3)


Phosphorescent: Here's To Taking It Easy

Slow-cooked, pork rinded, 70's AM Country outlaw, like yeehaw on a burnt-out transistor, broadcasting in crackle and yawning gap, waves and  water drowned.

Phosphorescent: It's Hard To Be Humble (When You're From Alabama) (mp3)


Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell: Invariable Heartache

Lambchop's Wagner is like yr favorite old sweater, a voice weathered and weary, lyrics of smallness and circumstance.  It fits just right, and surrounds you.  Add the heavenly vocals of Cortney Tidwell, and it's a perfect match.  A Countrypolitan soul mediation, this generation's George and Tammy, if they waltzed like fireflies under stars too distant and held in tentative palms.   One of the loveliest records, should probably have ranked this higher...Sigh.

Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell:  She Came Around Last Night (mp3)

Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell:  Let's Think About Where We're Going (mp3)

Again...none of these records came from a "major" label.  Just sayin'...Please support independent record labels and the record stores that love 'em.  You'd be amazed the good shit yr local record store clerk can recommend to you.   


Anonymous said...

Hi. Been following your blog for a couple years now. Just thought it was about time to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to discover many new sounds. I always love the old stuff, sometimes love the new stuff, always love the chance to find something I've haven't encountered before. The Christmas stuff always slays me. Thanks so much.
Tom W.

Brian K Reese said...

Thanks for the kind words! I always try to make this little corner worth visiting. Cheers!

Ramone666 said...

More Uke Of Phillips please. What a great track.