Thursday, December 23, 2010

We're almost there...

One more Holiday post after this!  Hope y'all had fun, and hope we haven't jumped the shark yet.  We've got some great new stuff this year that we're itchin' to post next year.  If y'all like, stick around after Xmas for our Best Records of the Year list (spread out, in typical Mountain fashion, over five glorious days). And then it's back to doing what we do elsewise (including a big announcement about an upcoming show in...Cleveland!  Cleveland?  Yes, Cleveland.).   

Today we kinda feel like a little rock'n'roll...something to shed yr tasteful Christmas sweater and fist pump to to the big Yuletide beat (with maybe a couple exceptions).

To help us out we've got special guests Billy Childish, Benny Lee, The Wailers, Lord Executor, Snakes, UK Subs, and Dale Watson.  Pretty keen, huh?

Check back in tomorrow for our final Xmas bow...the greatest Christmas song ever written (any guesses?  Cuz if you've been with us for awhile, you already don't spoil it...), and come back for more non-Holiday tastiness over the next year. 

Santa, bring my baby back to me!

Billy Childish and the MBE: A Poundland Christmas (mp3)

Benny Lee: Rockin' Rollin' Santa Claus (mp3)

The Wailers: She's Coming Home (mp3)

Lord Executor: Christmas Is A Joyful Day (mp3)

Snakes: Santa's Gonna Rock (mp3)

UK Subs: Hey Santa (mp3)

Dale Watson: Santa Bring Her Back (mp3)

Enjoy the Holidays.  Thanks for all the comments and e-mails.  Enjoy yrselves...

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Ernie said...

No Sleep 'Til Christmas!