Friday, December 17, 2010

Good Year For Santa

One week to go until Shane MacGowan's birthday!  Oh, yeah, and Christmas too.  Thing's are gonna get all insane next week, so keep checking back in! 

Oh, and if y'all have any last minute requests for "re-posts" from previous years' madness, let us know asap.  Times runnin' out.

We're gonna keep things simple today with a couple of Country ditties from the legendary Walter Brennan... Yep, one our finest character actors did a little singing as well.  Well, perhaps "singing" isn't quite the right word...

Santa on the Farm!

Walter Brennan: A Good Year For Santa Claus (mp3)

Walter Brennan: Henry Had A Merry Christmas (mp3)

Have a good Holiday!  Please support local businesses! 

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