Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Big Rock Christmas Mountain

This is our 500th post!  Break out the bubbly! (and check out our Re-Post Special below). 

'Course most folks out there in the world wide interwebs have probably achieved this milestone much faster than us (egad, it's been 6 years of Big Rock Candy love), but what can we say?  We give you our love when we can, and when the bar aint beckoning us away from our "bloggin'" responsibilities. 

'Spect we should be doing some kind of long-winded retrospective of where we started and where we've ended up, how we've changed and how we've stayed the same, through all the changes in the landscapes both musical and internet-related.  And maybe we will discuss it down the line (we've got a response to U2 manager Paul McGuinness' GQ and Rolling Stone article about "how to save the music industry" coming at the start of our "Best Of" list post-Holidays that might fit the bill).  But we're in the middle of our world-famous Xmas posting madness, which is what most of y'all are here for.  So to celebrate, we're gonna keep on keepin' on, as usual.

That said, we want to thank you all for stopping by.  Some of y'all are new here.  Some have been longtime readers.  Thank you, each and every one of you.  We do this for our love of music, in it's many forms.

We owe a particular big hug and thanks to a feller that may well be our oldest (not in age, but in duration) reader and commenter, and a gentleman who has become a very good personal friend, as well : "John From Milwaukee" (who is also a dj at the killer radio station WMSE ).  Thank you John, for all the years... This one's for you.

Ok, you're  here for the Xmas music.  Let's go...

We like two things more than any other.  Honky Tonk music and Drinkin' Songs.   Mickey Gilley gives us a little of both.  We've always imagined Gilley's as a place where it's Christmas year-round, what with the neon and gaudy rhinestone.  The following song pretty much confirms it for us.  And Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison (today's "George and Tammy"?) give us both a little Xmas honky tonk and a little Yuletide nip for the Holidays (ti's also a cover of a song by artist we dare not name).

As for our Re-Post's not a Christmas song.  It's the tune that  defines who we are, in so many ways.  And, it's the name of our site.  Thank you Harry McClintock

Viva The Xmas Mountain!

Mickey Gilley: Honky Tonk Christmas (mp3)

Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison: Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk (This Christmas) (mp3)

Re-Post Special (and theme song)

Harry McClintock: The Big Rock Candy Mountain (mp3)

Thanks again for visiting.  We'll do our best to make the next 500 even better.  And hey, it wouldn't hurt to give a little something to TOYS FOR TOTS this holiday season.  It's non-political, and it helps out kids...what's wrong with that?


Chris said...

Happy 500th!!

Whitlo said...

Thanks for all the great music you have shared over the years. I have just started a blog to post Chrismas compilations that I have done over the years using stuff from you blog as well as others

007fletch said...

Congrats on 500. I have discovered so many great artists thanks to you. I hope you are good for 500 more.

Happy Holidays


Max Frost said...

Congratulations. This is one of my first stops every day. You do a great job here, and I hope you continue for a long time to come. Drive on...

Jeff said...

Nice Mickey Gilley. One of my guilty pleasures is his "The Girls All Get Prettier At Christmas Time."

As for the 500 posts, keep on keepin' on, man!

Mark said...

I'm raising a glass to you, my friend. Thanks for all the twangy, sleazy, greasy good times.

Keep paddlin' that big canoe!

bostig said...


Ernie said...

Congrats on the big 500!

Now, I don't expect it to take so long for you to make it to 1000. Try to stay out of those truck stop bars, they'll get ya every time.

kage said...

Well done, congrats on reaching 500! Appreciate all of the music you've shared, for that I'm thankful!

Holiday cheer and ice cold beer!

miz fuhrell said...

happy happy sweet sir! congrats.

Anonymous said...

Howdy there keeper of all that's hip on Da Big Ol Mountain.
Congratulations on your 500th post. Pure enjoyment is what you give to use here readers. Hope this holiday season gives you the same type of joy you give us.

Mark W

bigrockcandymountain said...

Thanks y'all! That's why we keep doing this!