Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tree Blues

Finally finished the goddam Xmas shopping...and actually left the house for the last two items.  Damn, it's nice to do Christmas shopping from yr computer...sittin' in a robe, a warm or cold drink in yr hand, no crowds...good times.

Oh, wait, this here site aint about our feelings, or a diary of our day to day..nah, we're here to rawk yr pants off...

Gonna keep it pity over the next few days, and just serve you up some Holiday treats.  For our infamous longer posts and/or stream of consciousness, reeling, slightly drunken descriptions of whatever muzak strikes our fancy, stay tuned for our Favorite Records Of The Year list to take place between Xmas and New Year's.  And, hell, stick around beyond that for more keen posts about all the wide world of Country, Blues, Trash'n'roll, etc. that we talk about all year.

Yuletide tunes, then.  Well, we had Country yesterday...so...How about some Rhythm'n'Blues?  Heavy on the blues (not blooze), but plenty of rhythm to keep y'all jingle bell swinging.

So, who we got?  How about some Bukka WhiteHuey "Piano" Smith, Charley Jordan and Sheri Lee, Jerry Clayton, Johnny Staton, and Ray Agee? Every damn song's gonna send you into a hot rhythm and blues frenzy. 

A Reminder:  songs aren't sorted in terms of quality.  Every damn song is quality.  And song titles can be deceiving...So check 'em all out.  You might be surprised.  Don't know the artist?  Maybe it's time you did...

Mrs. Claus wants you to hang yr stockings up in her Christmas tree...(hey, i'm just quoting the lyric..) 

Charley Jordan and Verdi Lee: Christmas Tree Blues (mp3)

Johnny Staton and the Feathers: Ride On Santa (mp3)

Huey Piano Smith and the Clowns: White Christmas Blue (mp3)

Bukka White: Christmas Eve Blues (mp3)

Jerry Clayton: Santa Claus (mp3)

Ray Agee: Merry Christmas, My Love (mp3)

Please support yr local, independent jukejoint this holiday season.  And give a toy to a tot, or a can to the food pantry.  Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

as always, more treats that beat those same old tired standards any day of the year let alone the holidays.
thanks once again,