Friday, December 03, 2010

X Back In Xmas

Too much egg nog last nite, so we're not feelin' particularly wordy this round.  But the giving mood never ebbs! 

So, for yr listening enjoyment, we're gonna head to the garage, clear out the cobwebs and dig through the trash for some Holiday cheer of a more tribal nature.  

We've got chestnuts from some essential garage rawkers The Chesterfield Kings, The Fleshtones, and the mighty El Vez.  It's a wholly greasy affair, like last year's turkey. 

But first, a ribald little Christmas duet from Candye Kane and Country Dick Montana (of the Beat Farmers).  The song really is as good as it's title.

For our Re-Post Special, we're gonna continue the theme with a couple of  garbage-sleaze jolly old saint junkers from The Mono Men and The Honeymoon Killers

Saturday's gonna be a day of rest, but we'll be back on Sunday with another swell Xmas mix surprise.

Rawk-it Santa!

Candye Kane and Country Dick Montana: Let's Put The X Back In Xmas (mp3)

The Fleshtones: Christmas With Bazooka Joe (mp3) 

Chesterfield Kings: Hey Santa Claus (mp3)

El Vez: Poncho Claus (mp3)

Re-Post Specials

The Mono Men: Christmastime Is For Sinners (mp3)

The Honeymoon Killers: Back Door Santa (mp3)

Thanks for stopping by.  Please consider giving to yr local food pantry, soup kitchen, or toys for tots drives.  If you can, of course.  Things are pretty bleak out there...

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